Technology at Your Fingertips

With Pandora, we provide massively scalable IT capabilities "as a service" using standard Internet technologies. It allows for multiple end users and cross-enterprise application scenarios. By playing the role of an adapter/mediator, Pandora maximizes and simplifies transition of clients' applications to the Cloud.

Worry Free Data Sharing

Pandora goes one step further than Public Cloud services by offering on-demand secure resource access and private applications. It allows for simplified control of sensitive data, all while benefitting from the Cloud's elasticity.

A Solution for Everyone

Designed as a generic Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), featuring standard and secure services running on top of the Cloud, Pandora has the capacity to function in a variety of business settings. From Medical Research, to Core Banking and everywhere in between, Pandora offers ease of transition and access to the Cloud.



With Pandora, you don't need to fear sharing sensitive data. Our software integrates state-of-the-art encryption technologies to support numerous levels of authentication and authorization.


With no special software required, Pandora can be accessed from any system with a web browser (compatible with the most common: Firefox, Safari, etc.). Whenever, wherever our system is available to give you the flexibility and freedom you need.


Since the system is easy to change without having to modify the existing infrastructure, you will save time as well as the high costs associated with IT maintenance.