Our Products

The gnúbila group provides ICT solutions in the fields of Cloud computing, Big Data and Data Analytics, with accompanying professional consulting and support services. gnúbila justifies of a rich international experience in delivering cross-sectorial solutions in Information Systems, Customer Relationship Management, Data Integration for Public Administration, Financial Institutions, Small and Medium Enterprises and Healthcare. In this context, gnúbila France develops affordable, powerful, superior value and scalable options for clients. Based on its advanced core technology combined with state-of-the-art Open Source Software, gnúbila delivers and supports breakthrough e-infrastructures leveraging on distributed computing. 
FedEHR is a massively scalable distributed data warehouse, primarily designed for storing and managing sensitive data cross-entreprise. Learn more....
Pandora is a powerfull multi-Cloud and vendor-neutral Platform-as-a-Service. Designed as a fully customizable solution to perfectly fit existing IT and faciliate transition. Learn more....
is an innovative and flexible graph-oriented database and application server engine empowering business applications. Learn more....



Sustainable and Cost-effective Transition

gnúbila products facilitate IT legacy assets migration to the Cloud with non-invasive, cost-effective and agnostic solutions


No Vendors Lock-In and Licence Savings

gnúbila products offer compatibility with and abstraction from mostly utilized technologies in DBMS, EAS,


Efficient Brokering and Control Over Entreprise Data

gnúbila products provide a powerfull and innovative multi-tenant PaaS for Private and Hybrid Clouds

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