Limitless Possibilities

A robust and vendor-neutral repository, FedEHR is safe, manageable, and flexible. Moreover, it can be implemented within any environment to protect users from technology obsolescence, and enable continuous adaptations to evolving IT needs. FedEHR can store many types of data and has been designed to conform to standards such as SNOMED and ICD-10.

Secured Data Sharing

FedEHR allows the user to securely and anonymously share medical information across the healthcare enterprise and as well as across borders and between different medical centres. Anonymization features such as image blanking or face scrambling preserve patient privacy and data copyrights, while providing medical professionals with the information they need.

Research Simplified

Designed for biomedical research and developed in collaboration with renowned medical institutions, FedEHR is a patient-centric EHR (Electronic Health Record) repository. Leveraging on the Cloud, FedEHR provides an extensible database for medical information. Having installations on servers in different locations, it gives a unique and integrated view of data and offers a variety of tools to view distribution patterns, graphical representations and much more.



FedEHR's architecture is designed to accommodate varying business challenges, allowing your services to grow with you as necessary.

Visual Representations

View and study collected data using a variety of tools available to you with FedEHR. These include google earth, chart and graph tools and Gephi to name a few.

Information Control

Share the information you want, and restrict the visibility of others, allowing for complete control over the sensitive information of the healthcare industry.