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ULYS SOFT - Annecy, France ULYS SOFT - Annecy, France

SILVERPROD - Annecy, France SILVERPROD - Villeurbanne, France

AFaR - Brescia, Italy AFaR - Brescia, Italy

ARDOC - Clermont-Ferrand, France ARDOC - Clermont-Ferrand, France

NECKER Enfants Malades NECKER Enfants Malades - Paris, France

CHU Clermont-Ferrand CHU Clermont-Ferrand - France

GOSH - London, UK Great Ormond Street Hospital - London, UK

IGG - Genova, Italy Istituto Giannina Gaslini - Genova, Italy

OPBG - Rome, Italy OPBG - Rome, Italy

OPBG - Sicily, Italy OPBG - Sicily, Italy

JHU - Baltimore, USA JHU - Baltimore, USA

VU University Medical Center - Amsterdam, The Netherlands VU University Medical Center - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Karolinska Institute - Stockholm, Sweden Karolinska Institute - Stockholm, Sweden

Fatebenefratelli - Brescia, Italy Centro San Giovanni Di Dio Fatebenefratelli - Brescia, Italy

HUG - Geneva, Switzerland University Hospital of Geneva - Switzerland

CHU Toulous - France CHU Toulouse - France

DHZB - Berlin, Germany DHZB - Berlin, Germany

KU Leuven - The Netherlands KU Leuven - The Netherlands

UMC Utreicht - The Netherlands UMC Utreicht - The Netherlands

MAASTRO Clinic - The Netherlands MAASTRO Clinic - The Netherlands

Affichage de contenus web

 Our success depends on the success of our customers. Our solutions enhance the bottom line of our customers' operations by helping them increase throughput and utilization of their data. Our consultants evaluate customers' environment and infrastructure and deliver professional service solutions to meet their needs. Above is a sample of customers having received and/or using our solutions.

Our solutions and services come with professional quality. Check our references in specialized press and professional networks below.

Read about the several Awards, Prices and international recognitions we won over the last decade in the fields of Cloud computing and Big Data. Awards.
Find out our sample products at Microsoft Azure marketplace. Gnúbila was among the first posting apps at Azure.
Any company of any size can access our applications in the cloud. The SaaS (Software as a Service) model allows opening and servicing our software online to provide businesses with complete solutions and to optimize their costs and resources. Check out our Una Nube De Soluciones.
GARTNER extract: "The Gnúbila EAS offering is based on the G Platform, a CEAP. The G Platform offers a wide range of add-ons (e.g., for image processing and natural-language processing), extending the product beyond the functionality offered by a traditional application server and making it suitable for the requirements of markets such as healthcare and medical systems. gnúbila provides G directly to service providers and ISVs, whereas penetration in the large-account market is primarily delegated to Indra, a Spanish SI owning a substantial share of the company, and other SIs". Read more. 
451 Research provides critical and timely insight focused on the business of enterprise IT innovation to clients at vendor, investor, services and end-user organizations. It is insight that aids both strategic and tactical decision-making for competitive advantage. Find out what The451 Research says about us.
To improve user experience and provide expert support, Gnúbila is part of the Microsoft Partner Network, witnessing 430'000 entreprises and 160M clients worldwide. Read more.